Tools for Improving Road Safety

ARRB has developed a suite of tools to assist road managers (including road safety practitioners) to identify hazards and deficiencies in the road environment, proactively assess hazards and treatments, and set appropriate speed limits.

These include:

  • Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM)
  • Road Safety Risk Manager (RSRM)
  • Speed limits (X-Limits suite)
  • Road Safety Audit Toolkit
  • Austroads Road Safety Engineering Toolkit.

Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM)

The Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM) provides Australian road agencies with a system to implement a nationally-consistent risk-based road assessment program to identify road sections with the highest risk of severe crashes. It provides a mechanism for the identification, measurement and reporting of severe crash risk. It then enables scoping and prioritising of proactive investment options to address the highest risk road sections on the Australian road network.

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Road Safety Risk Manager (RSRM)

The Road Safety Risk Manager (RSRM) has been developed to provide users with a tool to proactively assess road safety hazards and treatments for the purpose of prioritising actions. The tool adopts a risk management approach, with the ultimate aim of maximising the risk reduction on the road network for a given budget.

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Speed Limits (X-Limits suite)

The consistent and appropriate setting of speed limits is critical to ensure the covered limits are set, and provide the travelling public with speed limits and speed environments that are expected and understood.

ARRB has worked with Austroads and different road agencies to develop a suite of speed limit setting software tailored to an individual jurisdiction’s needs. These web-based programs guide engineers in selecting appropriate speed limits for the road environment, road user and traffic flow conditions in a consistent and defensible way.

ARRB’s speed limit setting software has been tailored for all Australian states, including Victoria (VLimits), South Australia (SALIMITS), Queensland (QLIMITS/SLR-QLD), New South Wales (NLIMITS), Western Australia (WALIMITS) and Tasmania (TLIMITS). Overseas applications have been developed for New Zealand (Speed Limits New Zealand) and the United States (USLIMITS). New generations of the software are being developed to apply speed limits that achieve the aims of the Safe System vision

Road Safety Audit Toolkit

The Road Safety Audit (RSA) Toolkit is an online tool that assists practitioners to carry out road safety audits, helping them to:

  • undertake road safety audits at any stage of a project – feasibility, preliminary design, detail design and pre-opening, roadwork traffic scheme and existing roads
  • generate a road safety audit report with recommendations
  • link to Australasian and jurisdiction-specific references and standards
  • manage and keep track of members in a road safety audit team.


Austroads Road Safety Engineering Toolkit

ARRB, in association with Austroads, has developed a Road Safety Engineering Toolkit for road safety practioners and engineers. It outlines best-practice, low cost, high return road environment measures to achieve a reduction in road trauma.

The Toolkit seeks to reduce the severity and frequency of crashes involving road environment factors. Provision of safer roads and roadsides is a major area of gain under the National Road Safety Strategy and is a strategic priority area for Austroads research.

The Toolkit draws together existing road safety engineering knowledge for easy access. The knowledge has been updated with recent experience from local and state government agencies, and with the results of comprehensive road safety research reviews.