Road User Behaviour

The way transport systems are used is changing. Monitoring these changes, understanding the factors that drive them, and determining their implications for safety and efficiency is a growing component of the work undertaken by ARRB’s behavioural scientists. We also work closely with other transport industry professionals to:

  • offer solutions to transport safety or efficiency problems involving human behaviour
  • contribute to better project outcomes through identification of best practice and well designed evaluations
  • contribute the road user perspective to fields such as transport safety, transport efficiency, transport integration, road user education and driver and rider licensing.

Our capabilities include:

  • field studies of driver, rider and pedestrian behaviour using direct observation, video recording and a variety of speed measurement devices
  • content, process and outcome evaluations of road safety interventions
  • gathering and interpretation of self-report data collected via a range of constantly-evolving methods based on questionnaires, group discussions and interviews
  • analysis of crash data (with emphasis on understanding contributing behaviours) and driver offence data
  • development of behaviour change programs.

The team is highly experienced in:

  • analysis of crash and traffic offence data to identify problems and target groups and evaluate program outcomes
  • surveys of road user knowledge, perceptions, attitudes and self-reported behaviour and crash involvement
  • community and stakeholder consultation
  • video monitoring of pedestrian and vehicle movements
  • statistical analysis in road transport
  • evaluation of past research.