Road Design & Traffic Engineering

For 50 years, ARRB have been undertaking quality, independent road safety research and consulting projects. This expertise is applied to develop innovative solutions to address road safety issues throughout Australasia and the wider international community.

Road safety engineering research focuses on ways to improve the road environment in order to reduce road safety risk, as part of the Safe System approach.

Well-researched design guidelines, monitoring of road crashes, timely problem identification, and implementation of remedial treatments and evaluation of countermeasures are all critical to the safety of the road network.

ARRB’s expertise in road design and traffic engineering includes:

  • development of road safety strategy and action plans
  • speed limits and speed management
  • blackspot, mass action and proactive programs
  • road safety audit procedures, training and implementation
  • accident analysis and countermeasure development
  • roadside hazard management
  • safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists
  • human factors in road design and traffic management
  • investigation of road design practices
  • development of road design and traffic management guidelines
  • evaluation of remedial treatments and effectiveness of traffic control devices
  • economic evaluation of road safety treatments and program
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and road safety
  • railway level crossings.

In addition, we have developed a range of software tools to assist road safety practitioners. These tools can help you to set speed limits, conduct road safety audits, prioritisation of safety treatments, and assessment options for reducing crash risks. Click here for further information on these software tools.