Assessing & Managing Road Crash Risk

The Safe System approach acknowledges that road users will inevitably make mistakes, and when they do, they should not be penalised with death or serious injury. To fulfil this vision there is a requirement to identify parts or segments of the road network that require treatment.

The traditional approach to identify crash risk is through crash history, (e.g. Black Spot programs). Given that human error may occur at any time on the road network, and that the human tolerance to impact forces may be exceeded on many sections of the network, a proactive approach to assessing and managing road safety risk helps achieve progress towards the Safe System vision.

ANRAM takes a network-level view to identify and treat roads with high crash risk, while The Road Safety Risk Manager (RSRM) focusses on site-level assessments.

In other words:

  • ANRAM is the tool for you if you need to identify the high-risk sections on your network. ANRAM will also help you to scope and prioritise network and route treatment programs.
  • RSRM is exactly what you need if you already know where the high-risk locations are on your network, and want to prioritise them for treatment.

Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM)

The Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM) provides Australian road agencies with a system to implement a nationally-consistent risk-based road assessment program to identify road sections with the highest risk of severe crashes. It provides a mechanism for the identification, measurement and reporting of severe crash risk. It then enables scoping and prioritising of proactive investment options to address the highest risk road sections on the Australian road network.

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Road Safety Risk Manager (RSRM)

The RSRM is a user-friendly tool that assists road safety professionals to assess localised road safety hazards and prioritise them for treatment, in order to optimally reduce crash risk on the road network for available budgets.

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