Safe Systems & Parking

We have a unique combination of expertise and resources in road design, traffic engineering, behavioural science and land and transport planning that focuses on roads and traffic.

Safe System approach

The Safe System approach to road safety has been adopted by all Australian state and territory road authorities. The approach recognises that humans, as road users, are fallible and will make mistakes which will result in crashes. It requires that road infrastructure be designed to take account of these errors and vulerabilities to reduce the risk of serious injury.

ARRB expertise is applied to develop innovative solutions to address current and emerging road safety issues throughout Australasia and the wider international community.

ARRB is a recognised leader in developing the Safe System vision for road transport. ARRB works together with road authorities to implement the vision’s aim of no death and serious injury on Australian and New Zealand road networks.

The ARRB Safe Systems team has experience in most road safety areas including:

  • policy and strategy development
  • road design and traffic engineering
  • road user behaviour and education
  • enforcement
  • fatigue monitoring and management
  • vulnerable road users
  • vehicle safety
  • heavy vehicles including vehicle dynamics
  • collision and incident investigation.

The team has clients from around the world including China, Thailand, India, USA, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. In Australia ARRB’s clients include federal and state road authorities, public transport agencies, vehicle insurers, mining industry, transport companies and local governments.

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Global Road Safety Decade of Action

1.3 million people die in crashes on the worlds roads every year and a further 50 million are injured. In order to address this major health crisis, the UN has declared 2011-2020 as the Decade of Action for Road Safety.

ARRB Group has made a commitment to support the Decade of Action for Road Safety through our our organizations management of work related road safety. Please click here for more information on ARRB Group's role.

ARRB Group publications on this topic include:

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Road Safety Measures for Heavy Vehicles in APEC Transport Supply Chains

NEW ARRB Research Report 383 - Safe System Infrastructure: Implementation Issues in Low and Middle Income Countries

by Blair Turner & Greg Smith

Improvement to road infrastructure is a key mechanism for improving safety, including in low and middle income countries. A workshop was held to raise awareness regarding Safe System infrastructure treatments and to explore barriers to implementation of these in low and middle income countries. This report provides a summary of the workshop, including information on issues relating to the further uptake of Safe System infrastructure.

As a result, a new ARRB Research Report was developed and is now available for free download!

 ... Read more

NEW ARRB Research Report 375 - Local government and Safe System approach to road safety


The Safe System approach has been adopted by all Australian jurisdictions as the guiding principle for delivering road safety outcomes and a guiding framework has been included in the National Road Safety Action Plan since 2005 – 2006. Despite this, the understanding of the Safe System approach and the application of it by local government to the local road network is low. A workshop, facilitated by ARRB Group and WALGA, was held at the conclusion of the 2010 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference held at the National Convention Centre in Canberra, ACT.

As a result, a new ARRB Research Report was developed and is now available for free download!.... Read more

Safe System Infrastructure -National Roundtable Report


ARRB recently held a national roundtable event to examine infrastructure options that might help achieve Safe System outcomes. The event was held on Friday 27th March, with around 40 senior managers from Australia and New Zealand participating. Discussion included current progress towards implementing Safe System principles, and options for future implementation.

As a result, a new Safe System Infrastructure -National Roundtable Report was developed and is now available for free download!... Read more