Heavy Vehicles

ARRB heavy vehicles team compises highly qualified and experienced engineers, with extensive theoritical and practical understanding of heavy vehicle dynamics, and the safety and operational issues involved in freight transport.

About the Heavy vehicles team

The our team’s current projects include:

  • addressing heavy vehicle strategic research needs
  • working with operators to realise the benefits of Performance Based Standards (PBS)
  • guiding national and international bodies on heavy vehicle regulatory policy
  • advising industry sectors on key operational safety issues
  • investigating and reconstructing heavy vehicle crashes
  • helping fleet operators to achieve regulatory compliance
  • optimising vehicle designs to maximise safety and productivity.

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Our services

ARRB’s services to the transport industry and regulatory bodies includes:

  • heavy vehicle performance assessments by field testing
  • devleopment of validated vehicle computer simulation models
  • on-site crash investigation, formal reconstruction and expert witness
  • development of high productivity vehicle concepts
  • rollover risk profiling of common or new freight routes
  • assessing performance based vehicle (PBS) design concepts
  • driver and vehicle performance monitoring
  • assessment and development of risk management strategies
  • computer animations (video) of simulated vehicle manoeuvres
  • detailed and focused reports with practical outcomes
  • general advice on compliance with transport regulations.
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Your benefits

ARRB’s services provide results which guide and allow informed decisions. Our technical rigour program ensures that results and recommendations are at the highest level of accuracy and quality. Research and performance assessment programs can be tailored to provide specific solutions.

Additionally, ARRB has a multi-disciplinary pool of highly qualified research professionals, experienced engineers, and specialist technical and support staff, offering a wide range of complementary services including:

  • advice on transport policy, management and network operations
  • transport economic and cost-benefit analysis
  • road infrastructure inspection and asset management
  • targeted road safety auditing
  • specific advice for the mining and resource industry.
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Recent projects

The team has considerable experience in delivering large and small scale research projects. Recent notable examples include:

  • assistance in the development of PBS assessment rules
  • extensive field test programs focussing on acceleration, braking and yaw/roll dynamics
  • benchmarking the performance of heavy vehicle designs on a global scale
  • safety evaluation of haul vehicles and routes for mining logistics companies
  • crash reconstruction of incidents involving rigid trucks, semi-trailers, B-doubles and road trains.
  • investigation into the introduction of an in-service road-friendly suspension test
  • network screening of a 40 km road to identify critical bends (posing a risk of rollover).
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