Bridge Management & Evaluation

Bridge Inspections and Training


The total management of structural infrastructure assets can be as simple or as complex as desired but ultimately it starts with a solid inspection program.
ARRB can undertake:

  • Routine Maintenance Inspection (Level 1) - is a visual inspection to check the overall serviceability of the structure and identify maintenance issues. Outputs include general photos and a simple report.
  • Detailed component Condition Inspection (Level 2) - consists of a detailed report outlining the condition state of every structural component. Outputs include an extensive photographic log and an overall condition rating is applied to the structure. Inspections can be customised to any inspection manual.
  • Detailed Structural Engineering and Material Inspection (Level 3) - analytical analysis of a structure with suitable defect identification and investigation.


ARRB provides training in bridge and culvert inspections including:

  • routine maintenance inspection
  • detailed component condition assessments.

Training can be customised for each client and can be based on any inspection manual. Training can take the form of:

  • 1-3 day short courses, classroom based with practical on-site elements
  • customised on-the-job training.

Click here for further details of upcoming courses or call to discuss your training needs.

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Structural Investigations

Structural measurement and testing

ARRB offers a range of testing services focused on assessing the site specific characteristics of a structure. Our services include:

  • load testing
  • long term monitoring
  • site specific live load estimation
  • strain gauging
  • behavioural testing
  • pile integrity testing.

Analytical structural assessment including finite element analysis

ARRB has skilled people with significant experience in the analysis of structures and can provide services in:

  • standard frame analysis
  • specialised bridge grillage analysis
  • finite element analysis (FEA).

Fatigue studies and remaining life estimation

Fatigue is a major consideration on older steel bridges. ARRB can provide full analytical analysis and site studies to determine the susceptibility of a structure to fatigue. Our services include:

  • inspections and management plans for fatigue sensitive structures
  • analytical assessment of fatigue stresses using finite element analysis
  • field testing/strain gauging to determine site and structure specific stress cycle information
  • assessment of fatigue damage
  • remaining life estimation.

Structural evaluation and rating

ARRB can provide detailed structural evaluations and rating using tools such as:

  • analytical assessments
  • inspections
  • field testing
  • laboratory testing.

These elements provide a powerful set of tools to develop a full understanding of the capacity of a bridge and the suitability or ‘fitness for purpose’ of the bridge to service current and future traffic needs.

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Bridge Management

When managing structural infrastructure assets the goal is to keep structures operating at a level that is ‘fit for the intended purpose’ while minimising the financial investment required. Each of these objectives must be tempered with ensuring that the risks of failure are managed to ensure the safety of users.

ARRB can provide a range of services to address the management of structural infrastructure assets including:

  • development of rehabilitation and maintenance strategies
  • bridge maintenance prioritisation
  • economic evaluation of bridge rehabilitation treatments with NPV and B/C calculations
  • bridge asset valuations
  • training in the preparation of a bridge works program
  • development of bridge management systems
  • advice on bridge management systems
  • development of analysis modules for bridge management systems.
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