The effective and efficient management of a multi-million dollar road asset infrastructure is critical to the economic well-being of a region. We offer a unique service through our skills, experience, testing and equipment across all of asset management.

Sustainable Infrastructure Management

The effective and efficient management of the multi-million dollar road and bridge asset is critical to the economic well-being of a region. ARRB’s unique road and bridge asset management services provide innovative customer focussed solutions making it possible for your network manager to effectively manage the network to achieve best value.

Our capabilities include:

  • innovative inventory solutions (including data collection)
  • infrastructure assessment
  • asset management
  • bridge management
  • infrastructure maintenance
  • local roads.

Sustainable Infrastructure Sciences/Technology

ARRB provides benefits to the industry through the research and development of new test procedures and guidelines for the most appropriate use of materials. ARRB has NATA accredited laboratories and equipment for testing the properties of materials in road pavements and concrete structures.

Our capabilities include:

  • pavement design and performance
  • pavement construction/maintenance
  • materials technology.

Data collection services

Whether your need is for a large scale network survey, a local road system survey or a ride quality test, ARRB’s Services division offers quality data collection services, using ARRB’s own Hawkeye platform. For further information on Data collection services please click here

International capabilities - for more information on our international capabilities please click here