NIS and the MG Lay Library

Informing the land transport community

Our aim

Founded in 1962, ARRB’s Library today takes a lead role in national and international land transport information provision and knowledge sharing.

The ARRB Library provides leadership and coordination in land transport information provision across all sectors, within Australia and internationally.

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Our support and the National Interest Services (NIS) program

The land transport information dissemination and coordination initiatives of National Interest Services (NIS) program are coordinated by the ARRB Library. NIS is financially supported by the following valued members:

• Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
• Transport Canberra and City Services, Australian Capital Territory
• Roads and Maritime Services, New South Wales
• Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Northern Territory
• Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland
• Main Roads Western Australia
• Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, South Australia
• Department of State Growth, Tasmania
• VicRoads, Victoria

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Your access

NIS supports content provision for the Australian Transport Index (ATRI). This database of information land transport publications:

  • contains over 175,000 records and grows by over 300 records a month
  • is designed to provide users with Australian and New Zealand land transport publication details while also including information on relevant international material
  • is indexed using a specialist land transport-specific thesaurus created and regularly reviewed and updated by the Library
  • is freely available online as part of the TRID database, which contains over 1 million records

TRID is maintained by the Transportation Research Board in the United States, and averages 1.5 million visitors a year, around 70,000 of those from Australia.

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Other NIS resources you can access from the Information Services section of the ARRB website include:

ARRB Knowledge Base - searchable full text of all the papers and reports published by ARRB from 1962 to the present, along with other related content by permission of other organisations. Presently contains over 10,000 items.

Road Research Register - The Road Research Register is currently transitioning to an alert service via LinkedIn. The NIS LinkedIn Group provides updates on selected Australian and international transport research projects, as well as topic overviews, online resources, and job opportunities.

To join the group and receive regular updates, click here.

Rail Knowledge Bank – offering effective and efficient access to information on over 3000 items of rail sector knowledge and research

TARU news feeds - get updated on recent publications in your field of interest with these feeds organised into key land transport subject areas

Making News in Transport - weekly email alert service of selected land transport-related news items from Australia and overseas

NIS on LinkedIn: be alerted to Australian and international transport research projects, transport topic overviews and online resources, and job opportunities.

The ARRB Library collection is regularly accessed by other libraries across Australia and overseas via document delivery, and academic researchers and members of the public by appointment. It has national and international focus, including important archival material.

National and international coordination for your benefit

NIS supports leadership and coordination of the Tranzinfo network of Australian and NZ transport-related libraries, with around 20 active member libraries from the government, academic and private sectors. The network aims to improve resource and expertise sharing across member libraries, and initiatives include consortia purchasing, topic alert bulletins and coordination of teleconferences to foster professional development and knowledge sharing.

Through NIS, the ARRB Library also takes a leading role in international transport information service developments, in order to ensure that Australian land operations are fully informed of international intiatives, Australasian land transport research and knowledge is globally accessible. Work in this area includes:

• Chair of the International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) Operational Committee, a program coordinated by the OECD/International Transport Forum. ITRD is a major contributor to the TRID database and also a valuable global network of transport information management expertise.

• Membership of the Library and Information Science for Transportation Committee which operates under the Transportation Research Board in the United States.


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Our expertise

The NIS program is coordinated by a full time equivalent of over five professionals, that combined offer over 55 years of experience in transport information service provision.

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You are most welcome to contact the ARRB Library with a land transport information question wherever you are in the world and the staff will explain how we may be able to assist.

The complexity of the query and restrictions on the supply of material may impact on the level of service we can offer, and whether a monetary charge will be involved.

+61 3 9881 1600

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