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Free searchable full text access to a wide selection of ARRB publications, including:

  • Biennial conference papers from 1962-2016
  • published research reports (ARR)
  • published special reports (SR)
  • selected ARRB internal reports (AIR)
  • ARRB technical manuals (ATM)
  • Austroads Pavement Research Group (APRG) reports 1991-1998
  • Australian Road Research journal papers 1962-1991
  • Road and Transport Research journal papers 1992-2004
  • ARRB International Sprayed Sealing Conferences 2008 and 2010
  • ARRB Briefing 1988-2013
  • ARRB Review Reports
  • ARRB Bulletin 1964-1970
  • selected ARRB symposia and workshop proceedings 1976-2001
  • First Fifty Years - ARRB history
  • ARRB Austroads Partnership Annual Reports
  • ARRB Annual Reports 1976 onwards 

Also incorporating the following content with permission:

  • Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) Conference papers 1991 to 2016
  • Austroads publications archive, complementing the current material on the Austroads online publications website
  • Austroads Bridge Conference papers 1991 to 2014
  • National Association of Australian State Road Authorities (NAASRA) publications
  • National Road Transport Commission (NRTC) and National Transport Commission (NTC) archive of pre-2006 reports, complementing current material on NTC website
  • South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure annual report archive 1917-2000
  • South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Materials Technology Research and Development reports
  • OECD DIVINE project Australian conferences 1995 and 1997
  • Selected transport-related outputs of the former WA Road Accident Prevention Research Unit (Roadwatch) and Injury Research Centre, 1991 to 2005
  • NSW Parliament Staysafe Committee reports, numbers 1 to 53, 1982-2000
  • Saferoads 2002 conference papers
  • Selected annual and research reports from predecessor agencies of the Tasmanian Department of State Growth
  • University of South Australia Structural Materials and Assembiles Group reports, 1995-1999

There are currently over 11,000 files to search with more being added.