Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plans, Values and Vision 2011-2020

ARRB's purpose: Trusted advisor on roads and transport

As a co-operative of members, ARRB meets member's needs and is a good community citizen by focusing on four strategic goals.

ARRB’s member organisations include federal, state and local government bodies responsible for managing the nation’s transport and road networks. ARRB and its members, both individually and collectively as Austroads, recognise the critical role that they play in supporting one another to improve productivity, safety, sustainability and amenity outcomes for the public.

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Strategic Goal 1 | KNOWLEDGE

Provide a knowledge base for use by stakeholders


  • Manage global knowledge dissemination for and with stakeholders
  • Maintain and leverage international and domestic networks with researchers and universities
  • Lead, maintain, manage and advance knowledge of roads and transport
  • Understand member's information needs.
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Strategic Goal 2 | PEOPLE

Ensure the sustainability of expertise in critical technical areas


  • Identify existing gaps and emerging critical areas
  • Use networks to manage the industry's human capital
  • Lead by example in placing quality of staff ahead of quantity to ensure sustainability
  • Encourage tomorrow's experts to participate
  • Advance transport system expertise.
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Strategic Goal 3 | PARTICIPATION

Contribute to the modernisation, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the transport system


  • Provide strategic advice and knowledgeable input into development of the research programs
  • Participate in and encourage effective governance of research
  • Undertake relevant research
  • Transition research and technology innovations into practical applications, for example infrastructure standards for driverless vehicles.
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Strategic Goal 4 | VALUE

Demonstrate value for money in delivery of all our services


  • Implement continuous improvement in reserach team structure and capability, people skills and research methodology
  • Target select competitively tendered research commissions
  • Improve the availability of relevant information to members and clients
  • Understand and articulate the contribution ARRB research makes to the administration, planning, development, maintenance and operation of the transport system
  • Understand and articulate the contribution ARRB research makes to transport system users, the environment and the economy
  • Pro-actively monitor, measure and promote benefits and value delivered, to all stakeholders.
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