International capabilities

Our capabilities

Improving the safety and management of road and transport assets are issues faced by many developed and developing countries. ARRB Group has extensive international experience to solve a road and transport problem.

ARRB's expert staff together with our broad network of associations are able to provide consulting expertise in the following areas.

Road safety and traffic engineering

Our safety team have experience in the following areas:

  • development of tailored best practice guides and manuals
  • development of ‘expert’ road safety systems (e.g. setting speed limits – XLIMITS, road safety toolkit, etc)
  • provide advice and evaluation for road safety strategies and programs
  • provide road safety training and capacity building
  • analysis of crash and traffic data
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Heavy vehicle management

The services provided by ARRB in heavy vehicle assessment and advice have benefits in providing rapid return on investment with credibility. The services are:

  • wide performance testing
  • development of Performance Based System (PBS) assessment
  • development of an innovative active trailer steering system
  • conduct extensive heavy vehicle test programs resulting in performance information on acceleration, braking and yaw/ roll dynamics
  • Evaluation of the safety of haul roads and haulage vehicles for mining companies.

Capacity building

ARRB is the premier supplier of high level workshops and seminars in the transport field. Our workshops cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Basic Geometric Road Design
  • HDM-4 seminars and training
  • Local Skid Resistance Strategies
  • Road Safety Audit training course.

Infrastructure management

Road data collection

  • network and project level structural assessment
  • network and project level automated pavement surface assessments
  • network wide safety risk assessment of physical characteristics
  • road geometry and mapping surveys
  • digital imaging, inventory and assessment
  • road construction quality testing.

Asset management

  • provide design and construction advice
  • strategic analysis and information management
  • implementation and development of pavement management systems (PMS)
  • equipped with the Accelarated Loading Facility (ALF) in Melbourne
  • development, dissemination and implementation of HDM-4 based solutions
  • providing local road solutions.