Road Base Test Kit

Introducing the Road Base Test Kit; a practical and easy to use method of assessing the suitability of natural gravels for pavement use. The Kit will assist local road practitioners, particulary in rural areas, to test local materials that are often of marginal quality.

The Kit contains items to conduct six seperate tests to measure soil and water properties. The user then enters the results obtained into a customised spreadsheet, to derive various material properties. The estimated properties include:

  • material grading in comparison with set specifications
  • liquid Limit, Plastic Limit & Plasticity Index
  • material classification
  • maximum dry density
  • CBR range
  • water salinity
  • optimum moisture content
  • stone quality
  • emerson value

Where local materials do not meet target specifications, the spreadsheet has the capability to undertake a mix design enabling up to three marginal materials to be blended.



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