Road survey equipment

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The Systems Division of ARRB Group Ltd has been developing innovative road, traffic and transport products for over 30 years. During this time, we have gained a world-wide reputation for the delivery of quality products designed to address the specific needs of our users.

Whilst all ARRB products are designed and manufactured in Australia, the majority are sold and commissioned in the international market, which is why we ensure that our products meet both national and international standards. ARRB’s role as the central research facility for the Australian government road authorities demands that we maintain a continuous improvement program for our products, software packages and associated services.

Product range:

  • Digital laser profi ling systems
  • Automatic Crack Detection
  • Digital imaging systems for both road and asset management applications
  • Road geometry and mapping systems
  • Network Survey Vehicles
  • Weigh-In-Motion systems
  • Retroreflectivity systems
  • LiDAR Asset Detection
  • Software and data analysis tools

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